Commercial Content Advice

Sponsoring, ad-funding and supporting product placement

We are here to help programme makers produce the programmes they want to make; for viewers to watch the programmes they want to see; and for broadcasters to deliver great content. We help to protect companies from costly disputes and broadcasters/service providers from awkward legal situations and damage to their reputation and brand.

We aim to support sponsorship and ad-funding without compromising the quality and integrity of the associated content. We are also keen to smooth the introduction of product placement, to help programme makers, broadcasters and schedulers to benefit from these changes, whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

What we do

Our commercial content advice covers four key areas, these are:

  • Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship credits
  • Ad funded programmes/branded content
  • Product placement

We work with our clients from the early stages of discussions through to assessing, reviewing and advising on physical content. We love being involved right from the start so that we can help programme makers to stay within your brief and successfully get programmes on air.

Not all partnerships are made in heaven but we can help advise what is a good fit between brand sponsors, channels and programmes. Plus, we keep track of regulatory adjudications and regulations as rules change and case law is published in order that our clients are well briefed.

What are you looking for?

Sponsorship advice and guidance:

  • What a brand can say in sponsorship credits
  • How an advert can be safely and successfully cut down to work as a sponsor credit
  • What sponsorship references can be made within programmes e.g. viewer competitions

Ad funded programming advice and guidance:

  • How to build a strong association between ad-funder and programme/channel
  • How to maximise impact for the funder and broadcaster

Product placement advice and guidance:

  • How to label product placements in line with Ofcom guidelines
  • How to bring product placement to the screen in the UK
  • Review of documents and processes to manage product placement discussions
  • Managing the “undue prominence” rule

Please get in touch for further information or to find out how we can help.