Media and Broadcast Compliance Resources

This is where you will find online advice and guidelines that are either available to access for free or for a small fee. These are aimed at helping both clients and users of this website to meet current industry standards and gain additional knowledge. If a fee is payable this will be clearly marked below.

Licensing Advice

Download this PDF to learn about the ten steps to getting a broadcasting licence in the UK including what you need to qualify, what information you need to provide, what it costs and details of Ofcom requirements.

The Basics of Compliance

This document contains some basic pointers in how to be broadcast compliant including details about the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, the BCAP Television Advertising Standards Code, as well as information on the ‘Watershed’.

Sponsorship Advice

Read this document to find out more about Ofcom’s Rules on Sponsorship, including the definitions of a sponsored and a masthead programme, as well as the impact of the forthcoming introduction of new rules on product placement.

Understanding Product Placement

As of Monday 28 February 2011 Ofcom has introduced new rules to cover product placement in broadcast programming, this document explains what product placement is, details the basic dos and don’ts and tells you where to find out more.