Advertising Compliance

Supporting advertisers and protecting brands

We know how important creativity is to advertising and to establishing and growing your brand. We also know how essential it is that advertising is fully compliant in order to avoid costly loss of airtime and to protect and maintain your brand’s identity and reputation.

What we do

As experts in advertising compliance, drawn from experience with the advertising industry as well as broadcasting, we work with a range of advertising agencies and teleshopping channels. We provide advice and guidance to help our clients create and deliver exciting and dynamic content.  Our expertise covers:

  • Long form/short form advertisements
  • Spot ads
  • Teleshopping windows

What are you looking for?

  • Assessment of documentation to ensure claims are substantiated adequately
  • Transcriptions of long form advertisements for compliance checks
  • Editing of scripts and commercials for clearance against BCAP Code
  • Scheduling advice, according to product category and target audience
  • Advice on Ofcom’s COSTA code on the amount and scheduling of advertising
  • Re-editing of international commercials to meet EU and UK broadcasting standards